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We have a variety of services available to all of Dallas, Ft. Worth and surrounding areas.
These are just a few we specialize in. There is no event too big or too small, we cater to all.
If there is something that you are interested in, that you don’t see below, please feel
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Tables & Chairs




All of our canopy tents come with multiple features. You can choose from curtains to get extra protection from the sun or side panels for the wall effect and added privacy. The wall feature can come in different designs such as with window view or even a door style entry way. We also have lighting as well as heaters and fans available for rental. Inquire for different pricing.

Basic Canopy Tents

These are our basic canopy tents with canopy rooftop feature. They can be set up as a single or multiple tents can be set up together. The one shown is 15×60 a total of four tents together.

Tent Sizes 10×10 – 15×15

High Peak Canopy Tents

These are our basic high peak canopy tents. The high peak roof top feature gives it a more festive look. These tents can be set up as a single or multiple can be set up together as well. The tent featured in picture is a 10×30 a total of three tents together.

Tent sizes 10×10 – 15×15

Single High Peak Canopy Tent

These are our larger high peak canopy tents. These are the size of about 3 basic high peak tents with the feature of having a single high peak. This particular tent featured is a single tent measured at 10×30.

Tent sizes 10×30 –

Larger Canopy Tents

These are our larger canopy tents with canopy rooftop feature. This tent has a larger single coverage area. The one shown is 20×40 The following picture is an example of the inside view.

Tent Sizes 20×40 –

Larger Canopy Tent (inside view)

This is just to give you a look at the inside view of our larger canopy tent. As you can see it is a single tent and not multiple tents set up together. You can also see the heavy duty beams as well.

Hexagon High Peak Canopy Tent

These are our hexagon high peak tents. In this photo it features one of the multiple options we have available which is the side panels with the larger see through window view. The dimension on this beautiful tent is 30×30.

Tent sizes 30×30 – 40×40

Tables and Chairs

Our table and chair rental service provides the right fit for any event. We carry different sizes as well as styles.

Rectangular Tables

Suggested seating for 6 ft. table 6-8 Suggested seating for 8 ft. table 8-10

Round Tables

Suggested seating for 48″ 6-8 Suggested seating for 60″ 8-10

Wooden Chairs

Our wooden chairs all come cushioned as seen for extra comfort